Congregational Meeting on Sunday, February 23rd at 11:10 a.m.


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During Epiphany we will be leading the Hymns of the Day

January 19, 2020          Will You Come and Follow Me?          ELW 798

January 26, 2020          Christ, Be Our Light                                 ELW 715

February 02, 2020        In His Temple Now Behold Him         ELW 728

February 09, 2020        Light of the World                                     Godspell  *Dress is "quirky" for this song

February 16, 2020        Day by Day                                                   Godspell

February 23, 2020        Shine, Jesus, Shine                                  ELW 671

March 08, 2020              Lord of the Dance

March 15, 2020              Irish Blessing                                                                    *Dress in green; parade after church

March 22, 2020              Without His Cross

April 05, 2020                 God Is Dead                                                  Godspell   *During the gospel; we will wear robes

April 12, 2020                 A Celtic Easter                                                                   *Pastel tops, black/navy bottoms, please